some things you just can’t unwind

Another gig on a school night (I totally think this is the way forwards… I may even get through this week without killing anyone…)

I’ve been looking forward to this gig since I booked it from somewhere in the wilds of Northumberland, on the rather flimsy premise that any album with cover art by Mairi Hedderwick had to be awesome. My Secret is My Silence turned out to be the soundtrack of my running away.

I think Roddy Woomble may be the sexiest man alive (at least providing you have your eyes closed…) I could have listened to him ramble on about hummous packets, sculpture in the rain, Calmac ferries and eating sandwiches on top of a mountain all night. TELL US ANOTHER STORY THAT ACTUALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SONG YOU’RE ABOUT TO SING, RODDY! Oh yes, he did sing a bit. That was good too. Though frankly, I’d probably pay to hear him read the telephone directory. VOTE RODDY FOR THE SPEAKING CLOCK…

I can’t stop smiling to myself…


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  1. Ohhhhh. About a million years ago (okay, eleven) I was *very* in love with Roddy after seeing Idlewild at Reading. I may need to dig out the Idlewild albums tonight…

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