chasing rainbows

This morning began badly. It was just too early, for a start. It was grey. My lungs hurt (being able to feel your lungs is wrong.) I was worried sick over a friend’s not-definitely-bad-but-certainly-not-unreservedly-good-either news. She needed good news, with no maybes. I desperately wanted to hear her tell me good news, so badly that it hurt. But that wasn’t what she had to tell me today. What can you say? I love you. I want everything to be all right. But if it’s not, I’ll be here. It’s not enough, is it? Some days do hurt.

(I still really really struggle with this concept. I NEED to make it better, but I can’t…)

Today’s mission involved fabric shopping (two months and one day until The Birthday…) It took me a very long time to find a rainbow. This is one of my many slightly wrong attempts. The lady behind the counter must have been glad when I finished…

Then I headed to Stanton Moor, and fiddled about with settings on my camera. The harder I tried, the more deeply mediocre the results. Did I mention that I want a DSLR to play with? And I want it right now, not at Christmas or when I have saved up, or sold my body/soul to pay for it…

Mediocre trees.

Slightly unfocussed fungi.

Here’s my final rainbow selection, enjoying the afternoon sun. I think it works in real life, even though the purple has kind of vanished in the picture. My neighbour regarded me taking photographs of fabric with an expression that suggested I was insane. Oh well. She has a bollard across her drive, which her husband polishes every Sunday, rain or shine…

Also, I found this: best fabric EVER. I feel a quilt for That Boy coming on…



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7 responses to “chasing rainbows

  1. *hug* I hope it is good news soon, for your sake and your friend’s. Waiting for news you cannot influence is impossibly hard.

    I love your colour choice, and that is possibly the best fabric ever at the end! Polishing a bollard definitely out-weirds taking pictures in the sunlight. I had a childish snigger over bollard-polishing…

  2. dawn

    so sorry it wasn’t unreservedly good news. The rainbow is gorgeous and the other amazing!

  3. I sniggered at the bollard polishing as well! And it is far weirder that taking photos of fabric.

  4. Bollard polishing? Nothing round our way surprises me anymore… 😉

  5. Love the rainbow – but where are the rest of the photos of the fabric shop? I could have done some great spying!

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