ration foodblog: episode 1

Welcome to my beautiful new plan for the week (or at least until I get fed up!) In an attempt to be A Good Mummy, I have decided to help That Boy of mine with his homework by feeding him on WWII rations. Frankly, he is not appreciating my efforts so far.

Tonight’s dinner was liver (400g, £1.90), bacon (8oz), onion gravy (spoonful of lard, grandpa’s cider, worcester sauce, veg stock), mashed potatoes (1 oz butter), and some fairly unseasonal green veg, but it was what we had lurking in the fridge/freezer.

Four of us were quite happy thank you, and thought this was a perfectly acceptable dinner. B doesn’t like liver. Or mashed potatoes. Or anything green. His dinner was pretty sad…

He filled up on toast. That Boy likes his toast. This is his week’s butter ration. I don’t reckon that butter’s going to make it past Monday morning.

A week’s milk ration. B’s fond of milk too. He likes to drink it by the pint. Or two… We’re having a little sweepstake how long before it runs out…

Apple pie for pudding. 1 oz butter, 1 oz lard, 1 oz sugar. Unlimited apples from the Chinley Stores stash.



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9 responses to “ration foodblog: episode 1

  1. Nell

    Love the idea! And seeing how long B’s butter/milk rations last! Good luck!

  2. My mother used to threaten to make me survive on a week’s butter ration long before it was In the History Books but because I ate (still do, given half a chance) too much butter!

    I don’t much like liver, either, but can eat it when I have to.

  3. Patw

    He has my sympathie! I would have touched liver!

  4. Heather

    Fantastic. I wanted to try living on WW2 rations but my doctor said no. Apaprently it is a stupid stupid thing for someoen with pernicious anaemia to do. I considered for a while. Remembered that survival time for people with pernicious anaemia in 1930s-1940s was 5 years and gave up the plan. I still want to try it though. I bet I’d lose weight.

    Are you going to make him eat Spam? For lots of the war half the meat ration had to be taken as Spam. Perhaps you could get some off ration sausages and cheer him up a bit.

    I am actually envious of your experiment.

    If you want more recipes – shout between us Mum and I have about five books of them and some of Granny’s handwritten wartime recipes.

    • Spam is actually quite tasty…camp fritters were a firm favourite in camp (and only once Rangers were we let in on the secret that they were spam…)

      So long as you actually get branded spam and not supermarket stuff.

  5. Liz

    What a fabulous idea! I hope you’re going to blog lots about this 🙂

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