ration foodblog: episode 3

I had a slice of toast and dripping for lunch. It was definitely acceptable. Better than margarine, though not so good as butter. And, y’know, kind of… piggy? When my arteries are clogged and I have put on stones in a week, please remember I did this for the sake of education…

Tea tonight was a kind of riff on the theme of cottage/shepherd’s pie using the leftover roast pork and gravy, a leek, an onion, a couple of sticks of celery, a carrot, and some lentils. (Oh, and some more liver. That half pound of liver went a long way…) Topped with half potato and half swede mash, with an ounce of butter and an ounce of cheese.

After that, I invented a cake. It is edible, although I think authentically not-so-nice as proper cake. 300g SR flour, plus a teaspoon of baking powder, 2 eggs, 2oz butter, 4 oz sugar, a lot of stewed apple, a spoonful of treacle, a grated carrot and some chopped dried apricots. Baked for about a year because it was a very wet mixture.

It is not unlike bara brith, i.e. it is the sort of cake that would be far nicer with THICKLY SPREAD BUTTER. (Maybe I will cheat tomorrow when everybody is out- A Certain Someone has been cheating today after he didn’t like what he was served for tea, and turned his nose up at toast and dripping…)



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6 responses to “ration foodblog: episode 3

  1. Rosie

    This is keeping me very very amused…

  2. Heather

    I’m loving this. I so want to do it.

    I must find out what vegetarian and invalids rations were. Apparently i’d have had an invalids ration book. More milk I think.

  3. Stella

    Have you not sourced some powdered egg yet?

  4. Hannah

    Love it. The evil part of me loves that B is so unimpressed with having to eat it.

  5. Liz

    It’s years since I’ve had toast and dripping! I may have to find something and roast it just so I can make some!

  6. Jane

    Genuine Wartime Recipe: Custard Creams

    6oz Self Raising Flour
    4oz Hard Marge
    4oz Granulated Sugar
    1 egg
    2 oz custard powder (unrationed)

    Mix to a dough, roll out on a floured board, cut out with biscuit cutters, bake at gas 5 for 10 mins.

    (the post-rationing version gets iced with icing sugar and glace cherries…)

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