ration foodblog: episode 6

For a change from lard, today I decided that Scary Animal Fat of the Day should be suet.
Mince and dumplings (1 lb beef mince, £3.50, cooked with onion, celery, carrot, tomatoes and dumplings made of breadcrumbs, SR flour, suet, chopped fresh herbs and 2 eggs.)

I lurrrrve dumplings.  It would have been better with steak and kidney, but never mind…
Loyal readers of rationblog will be astonished to learn that my darling son did not care for this meal…  he is eagerly awaiting a) the arrival of his food parcel from the dominions, and b) the end of rationing on Saturday.



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2 responses to “ration foodblog: episode 6

  1. Poor B. My kids generally do not care for wet food or anything that is actually mixed together. Definitely seems to me to be nature not nurture as I remember the good old days of pureed sweet potato or mashed avocado being wolfed down happily – which I was told would ensure they ate everything later. What rubbish!

  2. Heather

    His parcel should arrive tomorrow. It was a pity I’d already packed and sealed the parcel – several of my male colleagues asked why the parcel and were filled with pity for your son’s plight and offered to donate several very un 1940’s type items to assuage his hunger. the most technologically savvy suggested internet pizza delivery and I was forced to point out this was historically inaccurate.

    We also ran a sweepstake on how much it cost to post a food parcel. There was entertainment and hilarity today.

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