ups and down

I thought I had planned to spend my day off today slaying the paperwork, so it wouldn’t be looking at me over halfterm. But I woke up, and the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and it was cold (I love cold!), and I knew the paperwork wasn’t happening today. It seems to me there’s always another time for paperwork, but there might never be another morning like this one for roaming the hills. That’s my excuse anyway…

I had a glorious couple of hours doing what I love best, wandering and taking pictures from pretentious angles (I am filthy from lying full length in heather and bog) with nobody asking if I’d finished yet… I am determined to get the hang of this photography malarkey, even if fiddling with settings is currently making things worse, not better.

Note to self: when in happy hippy dippy mode, do not trip gaily through the woods thinking pretty thorts and writing blog posts in your head without looking where you are going. Gravity will attack you and the ground is hard. Yeah, ok, I’m clumsy, I tripped over my own feet… this happens a lot.

I still have no idea how so many bits of me hit the ground all at once, but I do have spectacular bruising to show for it (yeah, I actually did consider blogging the bruises, but decided the world wasn’t ready for that…)
And I really really want to be tucked up in a nice warm bed fast asleep, but there is no comfortable way to lie down.

The paperwork is looking at me again. I’m saving it for a dull grey day…



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2 responses to “ups and down

  1. Oh I recognise that feeling, when I stopped using auto mode I said everything got worse, and now I’m trying fully manual I am saying it again….no doubt when I can afford a full dslr and can stop using auto focus and play with lenses I will say it again as well!

  2. Heather

    Ouch. You have much sympathy. I hope the walk and the photos are/ were worth the stiffness and the aches.

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