all the colours of the rainbow

I know I said I wouldn’t, but really you all need to appreciate my magnificent bruising.  This is my right shoulder, where I landed.  Colourful, non?

I don’t understand either how landing from a great height on my shoulder broke a rib, but I guess that’s destined to remain one of life’s great mysteries…

The offspring have been busy, making a birthday card for tomorrow.

And laying out pictures to felt.

[Small aside: my girls and I may have acquired rather a lot of different coloured wool-for-felting yesterday.  They started playing around this morning.  That Boy plainly wants to play too, but feels it would be an affront to his masculinity, so stood around supervising his small sister all morning and telling her she was doing it wrong…  I am impatient to play but don’t think ribs would be up to it;  Small Girl is still one-handed until tomorrow afternoon, and soap and water is a bit disastrous for Big Girl’s eczema.  What a load of old crocks. We may be forced to pay the boy to do the hard work!]

I ran out of knitting in Whitby on Saturday (emergency! disaster!) and had to go and acquire new supplies in a hurry on Sunday morning so I wouldn’t kill my husband on the drive home.  I made this rainbow beanie.  I’m quite charmed by the beauty of the colour changes.

Too big!

It came out too big for the intended recipient, so available at a bargain price in


And finally, in news of rainbows, the quilt is on hold for a while, but that’s FINE as there’s still seven weeks until the birthday deadline…





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7 responses to “all the colours of the rainbow

  1. aitchemelle

    Love the rainbow hat and the rainbow fabric. Loving less the rainbow bruising, that looks mega painful. I don’t think I understand felting. Do you not have to knit stuff then wash it with your jeans?

  2. Liz

    The rainbow hat is gorgeous! The rainbow bruising less so *hugs*

  3. dawn

    Love the hat, but not the bruising. I suspect it was a stress point that snapped it off. Mum sends you huge amounts of sympathy as that’s (part of) what happened to her when she fell out of the loft. And I love the idea of having to get boy to do the hard work! Can BG wear gloves for the actual felting?

    We drove round Whitby on saturday afternoon – just in time to get the sunset over the moors on the way home. If I’d known you were there too we could have detoured.
    Many very gentle hugs

  4. I particularly like the way your are all wearing the circs along with the hat… 🙂

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