how we felt

Small Girl and I returned home from the hospital yesterday afternoon to this happy (and soapy) scene of industry.

After a very long hot shower to celebrate the liberation of her arm, Small Girl joined in.

Big Girl’s finished piece.

Small Girl’s finished piece drying.

My trial piece drying. This grew out of a conversation last week, and the ensuing journal entry. It needs embellishing. Almost certainly with falling leaves. I am currently obsessed with Autumn leaves against blue sky. I’m sure this is news to you all…

Now I understand a bit more about how it works, and I have LOTS of ideas I want to play with.

Big girl is also obsessed and has already laid out a second piece. “I want to do the sea now. I love the sea!” That’s my girl. She is particularly excited because this one contains alpaca fibre…

I should probably be proud, but am actually just fed up that my children are far more talented than me. Bah! You will observe that we do not yet have an offering from The Boy. I’m sure we’ll hook him in by the end of halfterm though.

In other news, we are about to embark on a two-day Limestone Way expedition, and I am really worried about my decrepitude. On a teeny tiny walk on Monday, I was in so much pain, I actually declined cake. I don’t think that has ever happened before. I have decided to go with blind optimism, and It Will All Be Fine.

Iona has been to buy sugar. She thinks that will help.



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10 responses to “how we felt

  1. Alison H

    They always say that everyone was a lot healthier during rationing :-).

  2. Warn big girl that alpaca fibre takes longer to felt (I seem to recall that it is something to do with the hair being a different shape and not having lanolin or something in) so she will need to rub it for longer than the merino, it may also need more rolling.

    The amount of rolling, the use of mats/bubble wrap/etc, the different methods of rinsing, and the idea of throwing the felt all seem to be down to a mix of preference, what works best for you and the thickness/hardness/texture of finished felt you want. Have fun experimenting! Jo gave me another excellent book I’d recommend as you would love the way it is all about creative felting, in fact that is the title, by Lizzie Houghton.

    Love what you’ve all made, and big girl has the sheep looking fantastic, bet you will soon all outstrip me. 😀

  3. dawn

    Those are brilliant!!

    And we’d still love to see you in the Lakes if you survive the walking – just text me to let me know you’re on the way. and if you don’t have a lovely rest of half term.

  4. Aren’t they gorgeous!

    And tell Iona I used to adore flying saucers when I was her age – and don’t tell her that was 50 years ago! I am delighted to know one can still buy them, and saddened to think I’d no longer like them…..

  5. Heather

    Just lovely. How do you do it? I am now wondering which non sheep fibres I could make this work with.

  6. Rosie

    Of course flying saucers will help. We used to stockpile them for riding competitions. And the felting is beautiful.

  7. aitchemelle


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