halfterm highs

As I don’t seem to have written about any of the good bits of halfterm, here’s a round-up of what we got up to. Assume I was in unspeakable agony unless I mention otherwise…

On Saturday, we went to Whitby. The sun shone, there was glorious sea air. I took about a million really lousy photographs, and whined about how much I hurt.

Happily for B, rationing had ended.

On our way home on Sunday, we accidentally acquired a large quantity of wool-for-felting.

On Monday the sun shone again. I went to the cottage hospital, learned a useful new word, crepitus (the sensation of broken bone ends rubbing together, nice…) and came home with a lot of drugs. I was intending to stay at home for the rest of the day and take drugs and whine about how much everything hurt, but it was too fine for that, so we went out and found the not-stone carving on Gardom’s Edge. Wandering through trackless moor hurt a lot, but was probably worth it.

It was a beautiful blue skied Autumnal afternoon, which I am currently trying and entirely failing to recreate in felt. I love silver birches in October.

On Tuesday, Small Girl got her arm back. She was very excited by this. I was less thrilled by the 50 mile round trip (no painkillers when driving… it hurt…) There was much industrious felting going on when we returned.

Wednesday and Thursday was our grand Limestone Way expedition. Wednesday was another exhilaratingly beautiful day (which I inexplicably failed to photograph.) We walked from Monyash to Youlgreave, where our many offspring proceeded to noisily introduce themselves to the Youth Hostel staff and guests.

There was dinner in the pub. Big Girl and I were thwarted on the treacle tart front, but this turned out to be not so bad in the end, as she made me one when we got home. She is currently miles ahead in the Best Child stakes…

On Thursday morning everything hurt quite indescribably. I was pathetic. It was raining. I think I actually whimpered at one point when I had to climb over a wall. T deserves a medal for putting up with me, and organising all the children…

The offspring danced paganistically in the stone circle.

We explored Robin Hood’s stride, found the hermit’s cave, and made it to Winster. We only have one more day’s walking to get to Matlock, which is quite exciting in itself, and then we will need a new project…

When we got home, I took ALLTHEDRUGS because it hurt so much, but then I remembered I don’t really like codeine at all thank you, because it just makes me sick and sweaty, and it still hurt too much to sleep. I think I may stick to whisky in the future.

I really did think about staying at home quietly on Friday, but it was another gorgeous day, so sadly this sensible course of action was just not possible, and we went to Lud’s Church. It was slimy and slippery, and frankly a really stupid place to go with broken ribs, and it did hurt, but I was too excited about getting there at last to care. Much. The offspring are breathing like dragons, in case you wondered… There were huge icecreams too (I was very excited to find peanut butter flavour!) but I forgot to take pictures.

And now we are all belatedly doing our homework without much enthusiasm (as a family, we do rather fail on work ethic, but really there should be a no-work-in-the-holidays rule…) Small Girl has made herself an axe and painted blood dripping off it, and claims this is her homework. I worry for her teacher, frankly…

Oh, I almost forgot. Treacle tart for pudding last night. She’s a good Big Girl, non?



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12 responses to “halfterm highs

  1. Katherinea

    Did you have broken ribs then?

  2. Lesley

    You might as well have enjoyed yourself with broken ribs. Because they would hurt regardless of what you did. This is because no one has yet figured out how to breath without moving the ribs.

  3. dawn

    Glad you still managed to have fun despite the ribs – it sounds like a lovely half term.

  4. Nom, I want treacle tart now…

    Also, are you still up for nadventuring on Saturday? My train gets in at 945 and I have to go to the fishmonger with Vati on the way back to the Bridge but after that I am alles gut to nadventure…

  5. Heather

    That treacle tart looks splendid.

    Hope the ribs start to feel better soon. Sore ribs are ghastly it’s impossible to immobilise them and ones lungs will just keep on moving in and out.

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