straight and narrow

Today’s photographic physiotherapy stroll really boring flat walk was along the canal.  I wasn’t really feeling canals the way I do hills, and I think it shows.  The pictures are decidedly meh…

I’ve missed two bonfires already this week. Still angry and fed up…

Small girl made me coffee buns in an attempt to cheer me up.  I just found the bowl and ate all the leftover icing with a spoon. Oops. This is probably not conducive to either sleep or starving myself thin. Fail.



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5 responses to “straight and narrow

  1. See I do rather love canals and I think these pictures are lovely- the last one in particular, I wonder if I can escape work long enough at lunch tomorrow to walk along our (much less picturesque) canal.

    Sorry you’re missing bonfires though.

  2. Fifteen years ago I used to cycle to work along a canal every morning and it was the best food for the soul you could imagine. Goslings! Cygnets! Ducks! Reflections of trees!

    Apart from the days when it rained so much I thought I might cycle into the canal without noticing…

    So sorry about you missing the bonfires – it sounds as though coffee icing was definitely needed.

  3. Rosie

    Bonus points for the word hiraeth in a photo though.

  4. dawn

    I really like the 2 photos on the right hand side. And eating icing is good (although I think I’d prefer a different flavour) – especially straight from the bowl. Maybe you need SG to make you up a bowl full every morning before she goes off to school….

  5. Heather

    I like the ducks. I’m rather fond of ducks.

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