incoherent excitement

I’ve just booked flights to Shetland for January!

Fairisle knitting!

Northern lights!

(I am too excited to string together actual coherent sentences right now…)



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15 responses to “incoherent excitement

  1. Stella

    How will you cope with only one harp?

    I would be jealous, but no amount of fairisle knitwear can protect me from January.

  2. No daylight. Cold. Wet. Sooner you than me!

  3. dawn

    SO JEALOUS!!! And fingers crossed for the northern lights playing nicely for you.

    Admittedly I was looking at flights to Iceland a couple of days ago….but apart from the money aspect decided it would just be too difficult from a mobility pov.

  4. katherinea

    Puffins! I saw a puffin.

  5. I am seething with envy right now. Actual full on seething. i am totally okay with this 😛

  6. Catriona

    Oooh! Where are you flying from?

  7. Nell

    I saw the same puffin as Katherine but only as a small blob as I was too small for the telescope…

    And I have fingers crossed, even though it’s January!

  8. Heather

    Wow! Although I suspect I’d like the theroy of Shetland in January more than the practice but the Northern Lights. I long to see the Northern Lights.

  9. Rosie

    I am so excited too. I bounced around the staff house in excitement. I think everyone is already fed up with the news that WE’RE GOING TO SHETLAND. I do not care a jot that it will be dark, cold, wet and windy. I lived in Brest. NOTHING can be worse than Brest. And you forgot to mention TEENY TINY PONIES.

  10. Catriona

    And where are you going to be staying?

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