Community order.


(And oh, the mess inside my head is indescribable, I can’t stop shaking, and I have to go and fetch kids from school now and then work out how we’re going to stargaze at Guides with zero visibility, and Hold It All Together until bedtime.)


Let’s have a knitting picture to cheer things up…




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22 responses to “verdict

  1. I’m so glad. *Hugging you very tight indeed to hold you together for as long as you need*

  2. Wrapping you in knitting to hold all the Nicola in. Very glad of the verdict.

  3. katherinea

    I think just concentrate on breathing for now.
    Well done.

  4. Rosie

    I’m very glad. Good luck. Beautiful knitting, too. xx

  5. Catriona

    Glad that the correct verdict was reached so quickly! Do look after yourself, and I think you would be quite entitled to collapse in a heap and let everyone else look after themselves.

  6. I’m so glad.

    As for Guides. Black paper, pins and torches to make your own constellations?

  7. hannah

    I’m so glad nicola x

  8. I’m so glad for you Nicola, I hope you make it through to tonight in one piece.

  9. Alison H

    I’m so glad you got the right verdict.

  10. Eilidh

    So glad they got it right quickly.


  11. Jane

    *more gentle hugs*

    *sends gin and chocolate as required*

    Again, I’m glad the right verdict was given.

    Have a wonderful night stargazing: say hello to Jupiter for me.

  12. Sugar

    So pleased and relieved for you. Take care of yourself xx

  13. ^^^^^^what they all said.


  14. Liz

    I’m so glad they came to the right verdict. I hope the stargazing helps unmessify the mess in your head.


  15. Kate


    Hope you’re okay xx

  16. Ha! Fantastic – but so typical to put you through a court appearance – bastard! Good on you for holding yourself together, and hope you avoid EITHER of them ever being able to put you in such a position EVER AGAIN.

  17. I’m glad the verdict was reached so fast and I hope stargazing goes well (and is helpful)


  18. So glad the correct verdict was reached. And yes, I can quite see that you need to go and hide in a corner and cry for hours, but am sending hugs and gin and chocolate to help you hold it all together until you CAN, and by then, I hope, you will no longer need to.

  19. Heather

    So glad its all over. Many hugs. I recommend a hot bath with a G&T and if necessary tears with the door firmly locked until ready to face the world again.

  20. Stars are fabulous for losing yourself in. Hope tonight went well *hugs*

  21. dawn

    I’m just catching up after being (working) pc less and I’m so glad that he was convicted, but so very very sorry you had to go through all that.
    So many gentle hugs and a big bravery badge for you too

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