a blanket full of memories

The thing I love about blanket squares is remembering where each yarn came from, and what you made it into.
This square was remnants from an early skein of handspun. I made A Hat That Looked Like A Jellyfish.

I bought this skein of alpaca on a freezing cold and foggy London day, and knitted it up into a scarf for Big Girl.  She lost it and was heartbroken. She says that means the blanket should be hers…

Remember that day in Adelboden, when Rosie and I sledged down an entire mountain and I nearly died of sheer terror?

I had to go and buy sock yarn to recover. The Swiss German shop lady and I conducted a detailed discussion on different ways of knitting heels entirely through the medium of handwaving. I made myself a beautiful pair of tweedy looking boot socks as a souvenir.

And then there was the day we ate cake, dangled our feet in a stream and failed to climb Ingleborough.

On our way back, I found this skein of yarn, which had to come home with us.

The blanket edging is the bilberry dyed skein from that day back in the summer. I love the soft lavender-grey shade it turned out. Small Girl says that she picked the bilberries so that means the blanket should be hers…

Now I need there to be daylight tomorrow, so I can take pictures of the blanket as a whole, because I love it, but it is impossible to get the colours anything like in artificial light.



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6 responses to “a blanket full of memories

  1. hannah

    Looking forward to more pics. Love it so far!

  2. katherinea

    Hmmm, do you like turquise by any chance?
    Look forward to seeing the whole thing.

  3. Although I resist granny squares and sock yarn blankets, I love the patchwork memories associated with them.

    Where’s that yarn shop near the death-defying tobogganing (which looks wicked fun)? Knitmap and Ravelry suggest the nearest yarn shop is Bern which is clearly a LIE…a group of us are going to Our Chalet in February and there will have to be Swiss yarn purchased 🙂

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