I settled down to read in bed this afternoon, and when I woke up it was dark. Another day gone. I can’t be doing with this grey dull November. Mending bones seems to be taking up more energy than I’d have thought was possible. I’ve been trying to decide on a (green) cardigan pattern for the last fortnight, so I can utilise all that rest time, but I can’t stay focussed for long enough.

In the face of maternal neglect, the offspring had occupied themselves by making chocolate brownies, learning to play the penny whistle, and plotting to take over the world with a patrol camp permit. I admire their enterprise, but am slightly exhausted by it, especially when they all tell me about it at once..



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4 responses to “hibernation

  1. dawn

    I’m not surprised you were exhausted hearing about that lot!

    and I totally agree that sleeping is such a boring time wasting activity.

  2. I have a massive case of the Novembers at the moment, even when it’s not dark outside it seems it. It’s not cold enough here to be winter but too grey to be Autumn properly. I hope the sleep did your ribs some good.
    And your children’s activities sound fab yet exhausting!!

  3. With most Guides, I’m terrified at the very concept of the Patrol Camp Permit. With your A, her plans for world domination get ever closer…

    November is a vile and exhausting month.

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