the good, the bad and the ugly

– I took the day off, in the hope of actually making it through the rest of the week. This makes me feel stupidly guilty. And my cabin fever is reaching new heights.

+ I designed (whilst eating breakfast!) a poster of such beauty and charm for pre-school that I practically felt the need to go out and steal a small child, just so I can send it there…

– My head was in such a dire state this morning, I was actually reduced to sorting out a file of paperwork.

+ In the course of this worthy endeavour, I found my driving license so I can hire a car and SEE EVERYTHING on Shetland.

– I still procrastinated from the paperwork for parents’ evening. I hate parents’ evening.

+ I attempted to felt baubles, Blue Peter style with a pair of old tights.

– Felted baubles turned out frustratingly unsatisfactorily. I sulked.

+ That Boy was bubbling over again with sheer exuberance after school. This makes me happier than I can say. School is a joyous thing when it works.

– His small sister is less enamoured. This does not make her fun to live with. When she’s bored and frustrated, the world knows about it…

+ The sun shone this afternoon, and Small Girl and I had a walk, and she told me everything that was wrong with her world. I couldn’t fix it, but she did get chocolate and my undivided attention, so I guess it could have been worse?

-That Boy’s homework has made me quietly sad. “I would raise money for Cancer Research so nobody else dies, particularly relatives of people in year 6.” Yes. This.

+ I invented a recipe for wholemeal bread rolls with seeds and parmesan

– Unpleasant Brownie parent who felt the need to threaten me in the playground this afternoon. She is very much bigger than me, and rougher than the proverbial badger’s posterior. I was scared, and briefly considered giving in for an easy life. But I’m right, dammit. It’s important to hold on to that, I feel.



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2 responses to “the good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Love that you have found so many pluses amongst the minuses, hope the balance sheet looks better today.

  2. Nell

    What Anne says. And well done on standing up to the Brownie mother. x

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