I don’t understand…

…the people who believe they have the divine right to drive their vehicles off-road.

This is what a footpath through a limestone dale looks like after five off-road vehicles have gone past.

Even the cow thinks they’re wankers.

Where’s the satisfaction in spending your day like that?



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2 responses to “I don’t understand…

  1. Stella

    Off-roading is great fun!

    It should however only be undertaken in a ‘proper’ Landrover, preferably with a spine-jarring leaf sprung suspension (not recommended for those with broken ribs)

    It should also only been done on the official ‘green-lane’ routes. Looking at the lack of previous tyre marks these Chelsea-tractored f****rs have decided to ignore that.

  2. katherinea

    But they have to do that so that when we mock them for having stupid big cars that never see more action than the Waitrose carpark, they can point to the mud.

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