5 things which made me smile…

-Mehndi hands

-Glittery carpet.  This is what Early Years is about in November…

-Finding the right fabric to complete Small Girl’s quilt.  It’s the Hungry Caterpillar, but not obviously so.  Genius, no?

-Doing a little gentle shopping.  A browse in my favourite bookshop, and sniffing whiskies (missed opportunity, frankly, but I had to drive home…)

-This arrived in the post!  With no note, but I’m assuming it’s from somebody who lives in the internetz, so thank you!

This is one of my favourite bits.  That road isn’t there any more; the hill fell down…






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6 responses to “5 things which made me smile…

  1. Sugar

    Oooh that fabric is lovely … and not overly hungry caterpillar …until someone says and then you see it

  2. My school apron is made from that fabric. The best time is always reading Hungry Caterpillar to a class for the first time in the school year, and someone spotting it matches my apron!

  3. Liz

    Hungry caterpillar fabric!! Awesome!

  4. How does a hill fall down?

    • I dunno (geology? magic? Margaret Thatcher?), but waiting to see if it fell down any more was one of the great excitements of a 1970s childhood in Derbyshire. I fear if you want a sensible answer, you’ll have to google Mam Tor road.

  5. That is fascinating – you know I had to google it!

    I thought a landslide was something that happened once, but reading that it sounds like a continual flow. Seems a very interesting place with all the Bronze age stuff as well.

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