let them eat cake

Of course, there is a problem with children who make cake.  Picture the scene at quarter past seven this morning.  I’m lying in my warm and comfortable bed, thinking about how I ought, maybe, to be getting up…

Big Girl, bursting into my bedroom: There is no butter!  I need butter!

Me: Why is there no butter?  I know that yesterday there was butter.

BG: I don’t know!  It wasn’t me!  But approximately the time that I was making cakes, and piping icing onto everything in the world, the butter fairies came and stole the butter.  I don’t understand!  It wasn’t me!  Why is there no butter?  Go and get me butter right now!

Me: No.  My bed is warm.

BG: OMG, why are you such a bad mother?

Me: I think there might be some lard left over from the war…



Filed under insanity of the offspring

5 responses to “let them eat cake

  1. Gnome

    Hahahahahahahahaha fabulous!

  2. That is better than the ‘butter icing’ that was made with lard by one Guider. The poor children’s faces!

  3. katherinea

    Olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping at breakfast, methinks.

  4. Liz

    Set her to churning milk 😉

  5. Bless her! How did the Lard go down?

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