This is the view from our school playground just now.  (Yes, it really does look like that.  Every day.  For free.  All you need to do is remember to lift your eyes and look.)

Next stop: parents’ evening.  Telling parents of three year olds about their own children.  They probably know everything I’m going to say anyway. And if they don’t know, the chances are that they don’t actually want to know.  I find this a pointless and tedious exercise in ticking boxes for OFSTED.



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2 responses to “sublime/ridiculous

  1. dawn

    But sometimes even at nursery/playgroup parents evening you find out that your little horror has been (to you at least) unexpectedly caring or helpful.

    Hope it went well and that you’re not too exhausted.

  2. Heather

    Such a lovely view. If I lift my eyes I see… The Treasury, Westminster Central Hall and the Cuban Embassy… Not quite the same thing.

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