mission statement

Guiding: it’s all about demonstrating the Gay Gordons whilst mashing neeps and tatties, and discussing the best way to squarelash a Christmas tree out of broom handles.


I think that’s a pretty good preparation for life.


Besides, what else would you do on a Tuesday evening? ¬†Resistance is futile…



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8 responses to “mission statement

  1. Besides, what else would you do on a Tuesday evening?
    I’m curled up under a blanket on the sofa in my pyjamas, watching Holby City with eldest daughter. Definitely missed out though! Tatties and neeps… yum!

  2. dawn

    And I’m determindly knitting on the blanket as today I got a pack of teeny tiny paper hexagons and to get the blanket a lot further on by the end of the year….

    Must admit I did really enjoy helping with Jess’s Guides and it’s so tempting to get involved…… realistically I just don’t have the energy, but I love reading about what other people do.

  3. Heather

    Frantically writing about le train bleu in April 1940 – you did ask…

  4. Nell

    Speaking to my small sis on the phone and chatting to Rosie on facebook and washing up…though the last one is from lack of plates rather than desire!

  5. Shamrocks were doing face masks, Roses were preparing for the Christmas Party, then four promises and eight challenge badges,

  6. Visited the hospital unit briefly (supervising some of our Brownies next week and needed to talk to various leaders); then addressed a billion Christmas cards. Well. About sixty. *arm falls off*

    I’d rather have been teaching the Gay Gordons and mashing tatties and neeps!

    Square lashing for the tree, you think? I’m thinking tripod lashing then square lash a horizontal pole to each leg of the tripod, like a camp flagpole. Unless the whole tree will be made out of broomhandles and square-lashed sticks, which would be awesome (but might break some of you)!

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