no time for modesty

The family have just been sledging.  I didn’t fancy taking my ribs sledging, so I stayed lazily at home and invented Christmas muffins.


(Yeah, I got weird looks from her over the road, when I went out to photograph my muffins in the snow.  But then she was very busy polishing her bollard…)

The muffins were very good and very sticky (yes, past tense, they did not last long in the face of starving sledgers.)

I don’t tend to blog recipes, because This Is Not A Food Blog.  But my Big Girl was forceful on the subject…


“Are you going to blog these?”


“This is no time for modesty, go and blog the muffins!”


So, if you want muffins like ours, you could try this.  Alternatively, you could do what I did which was to scavenge through the kitchen cupboards and throw everything Christmassy into a big bowl together, and give it a stir…


125g butter

60g light muscavado

60g caster sugar

2 eggs

200g self-raising flour

1 grated apple

60g dried cranberries

‘some’ sultanas (it was about this time I got bored of weighing things)

ground ginger

mixed spice

2 lumps of preserved stem ginger, finely chopped

a tablespoonful of honey

zest and juice of an orange


I stirred it up, divided it between 12 paper cases and baked them until they were done (this is why I do not do food blogging, yes? times and temperatures are For Other People)  Then I drizzled the tops with orange juice, zest and more sugar.  The extra sugar may have been slight overkill, but it made them glisten prettily for the photos…






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8 responses to “no time for modesty

  1. Love it. I admire your snow photography. The ‘polishing her bollard’ reference makes me wonder….

  2. Rosie

    I’m glad we can rely on your Big Girl.

  3. Heather

    I am now hungry. This is a bad thing. Readers of my blog will shortly know why.

  4. katherinea

    I reckon I could recreate them from those instructions. But there would be no sultanas.
    PS I vote for a foodblog.

  5. Oh, yum. I know what you mean – those ingredients scream Christmas! I think the world needs a Nicola food blog, especially of the “open the cupboards, stir some stuff, serve” variety!

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