the best gifts…

Like most of the western world, I’ve been thoroughly spoiled this morning with books, CDs, chocolates, etc. (And wool. Ahem. Wool is not a luxury; it is a necessity.)

But my favourite present was this stone, given to me by my Big Girl. It’s from Tiree in the longago faraway summer, and it has lichen on it (“Because you love lichen…”)


She says I should also mention how awesome her felting is, and how much I love that.

It is indeed awesome…


(I picked up the stick at Dungeness yesterday; I knew it would be useful…)


… but I still think I love that small piece of Tiree best of all.



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6 responses to “the best gifts…

  1. dawn

    Your daughter is amazing (well all your kids are but BG is exceptional)

  2. Liz

    What a perfect present!

  3. Brilliant – spot on and shows so much thought.

  4. Heather

    What did you think of Dungeness? It is one of my most favourite places. Not quite the most desolate place on earth but close.

  5. aitchemelle

    I love Dungeness. In fact all of that area from Hythe all the way round to Rye is pretty special. Dungeness is an excellent thinking sort of place.

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