Schrodinger’s cardigan

I’ve been swatching fairisle for a  cardigan, but I don’t know which colours to choose.



Big Daughter says Why Not Have Both?   I say this is not possible unless I invent quantum knitting, create Schrodinger’s cardigan and live in an unopened box.  So tell me, which should it be?







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12 responses to “Schrodinger’s cardigan

  1. aitchemelle

    I am Big Girl, you should have both, but if I *have* to choose I’d pick turquoise! (I take it you’ve been south and gone back ooop northwards?)

  2. Lol at Hannah!!

    Turquoise birds look clearer and more defined. Not that I could knit something like that to save my life!!

  3. Stella

    Where is the ‘I agree with Big Girl’ option?

  4. I want an ‘I agree with Big Girl’ option as well!!

    Otherwise I’d go with blue birds…but please….go with BG!

  5. I was tempted to tick the last box just for the lulz but I didn’t. Turrrrrrrrquoise all the way, mon amie.

  6. katherinea

    Am I in the minority then?

  7. I too want an “I agree with Big Girl” button! Although I have voted for purple since this wasn’t an option.

  8. What size of cardigan (who is it for)?

    Turquoise says a child’s cardi to me, but teenage or adult sized I’d go for the darker birdies. Hopefully that’s not a totally useless comment!

  9. I am with Katherine and have gone with purple too due to too much blue otherwise. I bet you have already started the cardigan by the time I have seen this and got round to commenting though!

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