blue Monday

I don’t understand why Mondays and January are supposed to be depressing.  If I had to pick a time for gloom, I think it would be a Wednesday afternoon in November.

The days are getting longer.  I know the sun won’t shine for the whole of January, but while it does, I’m getting out there to make the most of it.

Craft club my bid to take over the world through the medium of fibre arts is going nicely.  Today they decided that as we found a whole stash of fabric lurking in the classroom they could totally make their own clothes.  Full marks to the child who discovered she couldn’t remove her feather adorned denim “boobtube” (her expression, not mine) when it was time to go home, as her best mate had sewn her into it too tightly…








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5 responses to “blue Monday

  1. Stella

    Better a boob tube that won’t come off than one that won’t stay up.

  2. Jane

    *laughs self into hiccups at the very idea of said boob tube*

  3. Oh your club is brilliant, and I love that they just got on and did it, and the final image, the boobtube, will keep me smiling all day.

    I’m with you, Monday’s and January are so full of possibilities and hope…November and February are much harder.

  4. Heather

    I have just laughed so much I ended up in a wheezy coughing heap on the floor.

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