stolen day

(Oops, I was convinced I’d posted this on Saturday evening, but it’s still sitting there in drafts, so I was obviously having a vague moment… two days later, and looking at these pictures still has me grinning, high on fresh air and open spaces.)



I was supposed to spend today on a First Aid course, but just the thought of being trapped indoors for eight hours, with People I Don’t Know was making me cry, so when Helen shared her gloriously mad idea of photographing sunrise, I embraced it enthusiastically.  Bad me.  I rang up  and cancelled, but there was a certain piquancy of playing truant all day.  But there’s always another day for being indoors.  I’m not ready to risk the chances of there being another weekend like this one.


8am.  Total sunrise fail, frankly, but we don’t care.

Frosted grass.


Layer upon layer of hills, looking across the reservoir towards the vastness of Kinder.


Moorscape/ moonscape.  It’s very empty up there, except for the grice…


Sun setting over all those hills.  And it was still light when we got back to the car at half past four.  Those lengthening days…

Today made me very happy.




Oooh, I can add a picture of me too, which I didn’t have when I originally wrote this post.  Very few pictures of me exist, they are rare and special sightings, but here I am standing on the very edge of the world…









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3 responses to “stolen day

  1. Best way to spend the day.

  2. dawn

    first aid for the soul – much better for you!

  3. Liz

    That day would have been wasted indoors.

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