set free

I’m so proud of myself in this picture.  So pleased to be me, to be standing where I am, on top of a frozen bog, 1800 feet up in a wind that was surely blowing straight from Siberia.

I’ve seized the day, ignored the negative voices in my head, telling me that I’m not fit enough, too clumsy, can’t navigate. The voices that tell me not to even bother asking anyone else if they want to come along, because nobody wants to go anywhere with me…

Each time I do that, it helps me believe that I don’t have to keep on living in my past; that I’m not that person any more; that I choose my own destiny. Some days I can’t manage it at all. But I reckon each good day’s a bonus.

And tonight we burnt those star-wishes, out in the frosty dark.



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5 responses to “set free

  1. Rosie

    I have such snow envy. And I’d go with you, like a shot, and not cos of the snow.

    Love the star wishes.


  2. Stella

    If WOULD decline an invitation to join you, but only for chilblain prevention reasons. Brrrrrrrrr.

  3. dawn

    I just loved seeing all your photos and would love to be with you in spirit if not in person. I’m so glad that you have your hills and can go exploring and that I can see the wonderful photos you take – thankyou so much for giving me that huge amount of pleasure.

    And yay to stamping on your past and living life for you now.

  4. Robert is terribly envious of your hills right now! He’d go with you like a shot!

    Yes, every day you overcome negativity is a huge bonus, and will make it just that bit easier next time. And do remember – this is what I found hardest of all – you DON’T have to get it right first time. It’s okay to have a few setbacks. Every time you win over the negativity, it’s a win. If you have a bad day, it’s just that – a bad day. It doesn’t make you a terrible person!

  5. aitchemelle

    I’d go too (if I lived slightly nearer!) xxx

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