I’m having one of those raw days, like the outer layer of skin’s been peeled off, and what’s left is too sensitive.  There inevitably seems to be one more week of term than my head can deal with, even though this one’s been short (only a month ago, I was in Shetland…)


It’s OK, really; nothing’s wrong, in fact there are many right things going on in my life.  I just inadvertently opened up Pandora’s Box at the weekend, disguised as my own email archives, and I need some time to think, to deal, to process.  I’m having some productive conversations with myself inside my head, even getting words down on paper.   One day I might even say some of it.  Just… right now, it hurts.  I want to hurt myself to stop it hurting.  And distracting myself from that thought is utterly exhausting…





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7 responses to “raw

  1. jo

    Is now a good time to call?
    (I need to chat as much as you!)

  2. Stella

    I still have the ‘fat downtrodden housewife’ mails in my archive…

  3. Rosie

    S’funny, I’m feeling rather raw myself. And I still can’t get my head round it being only a month since Shetland. In fact, I still can’t get my head round Shetland…

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