This weekend I finally got around to fabric shopping for a quilt for That Boy.  The truth is, I had little enthusiasm for a project that had to fit in with notions of masculinity.  I wasn’t sure it was my thing.  At all.  But me and my girls searched (That Boy stayed in the car, obviously, because real men don’t choose fabrics…) and suddenly there were all these amazing batik prints of wildness and trees and fossils and dinosaurs andandand… I got all enthused.

I spent all day yesterday cutting fabric into small pieces and sewing the small pieces together to make a big piece.

I am ridiculously in love with this quilt.  If I wasn’t also ridiculously fond of That Boy, I’d probably refuse to part with it.




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6 responses to “strata

  1. Nell

    Wow. It is a boy quilt. Fabulous. And I can quite see why you might be reluctant to part with it even to That Boy.

  2. dawn

    That looks absolutely stunning! Lucky boy.

  3. What a special quilt! My boys have Aussie themed ones made by Grandma and weekend mornings are much improved by staying in their jamas and snuggling under said quilts. So quilts are most definitely masculine too in our book.

  4. I think I’m in love with the quilt too.

  5. Heather

    So beautiful. I am jealous

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