My lungs hurt, I am lonely (and too proud to admit it anywhere except the depths of the internets) and I have to go and do zumba* with the Brownies in half an hour.  Meh.  My life is a farce**.  Things can only get better, eh?



*This is my favourite new swear word.  And ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ANNOYING ME can just zumba off and stick their zumbaing zumbas up their zumbas.  Or something along those lines…


** A small friend of mine made me a badge which said 38 this morning and forced me to wear it pinned to my bosom.  This was not without its funny side…



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7 responses to “zumba

  1. Gnome

    *very many hugs*

    Many points to that small child 🙂 🙂

  2. hannah

    Firstly *hugs* as someone who regularly attends zumba your post made me giggle! I hope brownies is not as bad as you fear x

  3. dawn

    I suspect zumba with the brownies could be very entertaining…..

    maybe you could just take an inhaler and have to “sit out because I’m a bit wheezy”…

  4. Heather

    Many hugs. Everyone I know is wheezy just now including me (put t this way I am in teh armchair contemplating whether I’ve the energy to go upstairs to the loo). Maybe its the weather.

    Hope Zumba was not too bad.

  5. Rosie

    I have had a very long day but the 38 badge has made it all better. *giggles hysterically in the corner*

    I’m stealing zumba as a swear word, too.

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