So, we endured another parental visit.

I tried to quieten the shoutyness in my head by compiling a list.

Things my parents hate

-abroad (they’ve never been, but they know they don’t like it)

-foreigners (natch, the Daily Mail said everyone should)

-foreign food (prompted by a pan of bolognese)

-CND (oooh this one’s new! prompted by the symbol on a birthday card)

-green (prompted by the cardigan I’m knitting- apparently green’s unlucky- yes, all green… By this point, I was failing to hide my amusement.)


So much hatred.  Life is too short.


My children declined to enter the house to listen to any of this insane ranting, “No, thank you, we’d rather sit outside.”

It was a brief visit.



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10 responses to “symbolic

  1. katherinea

    I dislike your parents.
    And tell them bolognese is so inauthentic as to count as British.

  2. dawn

    Maybe next time it should include raw fish, everyone attempting to speak whatever language A is doing at school, compulsory green clothing and lots of talk about everyone going on an anti war demo….

    Well done for surviving it.

  3. Catriona

    What very sensible children you have. I am so glad it was a brief visit.

  4. *Hugs*. I hope you have had a very strong gin since they departed. If not, do so forthwith (or whisky, which is my poison of choice, but then, I don’t like gin!).

  5. You have raised sensible children – well done.
    Like the list. My grandma thought green was unlucky as well (my dad’s mum) so my mum had a green bathroom suite! I can’t remember if my grandma used it or not

  6. Liz

    What a shame you couldn’t sit outside with your children *hugs*

  7. *sends spare gin*
    (look I gave up alcohol for lent. I have spare. I’m lacking in unfrayed nerves, though, so I can’t share any of those. Sorry.)

  8. Sounds ghastly.

    Thinking green unlucky is most old fashioned my grandmother does.

    Next time feed them hot (vegetarian) curry.

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