I woke up this morning, and Spring was back.  Somewhere I lost a whole chunk of the year, between hemispheres.  What happened to the daffodils?

Somewhere I lost me too.  The only way to survive three and a half weeks in each other’s company was to forget the person I’ve been learning to be this last year.  It’s taken me nearly a fortnight to crawl out from under my duvet and get back out walking the hills.

This afternoon,  stirred from my puddle of self-loathing by sunshine, the world’s most adorable puppy, and photos of the Lake District, I finally got myself out.  I sat for a little while on our bench (all by myself, no walking buddy on Monday) and looked at the world.

I am not very happy with my life at the moment, and can’t see a way to fix it, but am trying to convince myself that a world full of hoppettyskippetty lambs cannot be such a bad place.  Can it?







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6 responses to “missing

  1. aitchemelle

    *hugs tight* If I could find adequate words I’d use some. I can’t, just hang in there xx

  2. Nell

    Hoppityskippity lambs have to be a good thingas does sunshine. Muchly hugs for the rest xx

  3. katherinea

    I shall feed you Persian Onion Soup and Chocolate Mousse Cake when I see you next week.
    Yes, together. In a bowl.

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