learning journey

It’s been a dandelion-blowing blossom-snowing moss-stroking stick-finding gruffalo-hunting slug-slimey garlic-scented pine-prickly apple-crunching journeying kind of morning at preschool…





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3 responses to “learning journey

  1. katherinea

    My mum would never let me blow dandelion clocks as she didn’t want more dandelions. I am starting to think I was deprived.

    • Liz

      I hope you’ve made up for it since then.

      I know of someone who paid his children a penny for every yellow dandelion they brought him from the garden as it stopped them going to seed!

      • katherinea

        No, I don’t want any more in my garden! Broke my trowel getting one out last week. I’m afraid it’s pretty much engrained now.

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