piecing it together

I’d forgotten how bad weekends could get.  Today, I have a bad dose of festering resentment, with a side order of trapped-and-lonely.  I don’t do well stuck indoors with no means of escape.  The positive thinking ran out entirely a couple of hours back.


I’m trying very hard to find some little thing in today to feel proud of. I’ve pulled the pieces of our banner out of the Pile of Shame where they’ve lurked for the last three weeks, and I’m trying to overcome the fear of having taken on a project which is entirely beyond my skills.  Luckily, it’s supposed to look like it’s been made by a bunch of kids, so I suppose I may yet get away with it…





Filed under a little bit mad, crafting, hills

4 responses to “piecing it together

  1. dawn

    That banner looks amazing!

  2. katherinea

    That is rather nice. But I have to know, why are there two 2s and no 1?

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