Some time in the last month or so, I lost the knack of escaping.  That’s what days off are supposed to be about, getting out there and living life to the full.  Life is precious.  I have many reasons to know this.  It shouldn’t be wasted merely existing.


You want to know where I’ve been today?  Under the duvet.  Until it got too hot, so I reluctantly shifted myself to the sofa, with the curtains drawn tight to shut out the light.


I (well, the small part I still recognise as me) wanted to be out there, making the most of the day, particularly that magical misty cool morning, but there were so many noisy negative thoughts spiralling around my head that it seemed impossible.  Doing something- anything- meant making decisions.  Not happening.


I am counting the fact I’ve showered as today’s major achievement.  Also, I have not hurt myself, or anyone else.  That was a decision I made, and acted upon.  Some days, that’s as good as it gets.  But what a waste.



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3 responses to “wasted

  1. dawn

    Showering and not hurting yourself or anyone else are major achievements – well done for doing those and for being so honest.

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