I bought this iconic piece of kit on ebay ages ago, but only just got around to playing around this afternoon, when it was too hot to be out, and my children were being annoyingly ill, thus curtailing my afternoon plans.


When I opened the box, there was a vision in 80s acrylic, to which I said a swift farewell.

The instruction book suggested a number of delightful projects.

Very much of its time.

Tempting, I think you’ll agree…

After much swearing and gnashing of teeth, I got the loom experimentally warped up (grey Regia sock yarn, 25% nylon, because I reckon the warp needs to be tough.)

The actual weaving was simple enough, and addictively quick. I did stripes of Jamieson’s Shetland.

Almost a loom full…

Up close…

Out in the sunshine.

The finished fabric is rather lovely, light, but strong, and unlike knitting, not stretchy, so there’s a whole new range of possibilities there…

I’m obviously dying to set up my own cottage tweed industry, and WEAVE EVERYTHING NOW.

It then took me a good couple of hours to warp (yarn much longer this time) for a scarf. Let’s see how that goes…



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7 responses to “warped

  1. Nell

    Very much wow! And beautiful.

  2. Liz

    Tomorrow I expect to see photos of you dressed head-to-toe in handweaving 😉

  3. Oh wow, that finished fabric looks amazing.

    I am so jealous, as you know I’ve been eyeing up looms for ages.

  4. katherinea

    Pretty! Love the colours.

  5. Wonderful! It looks fab. 🙂

  6. Amazing!

    Also, please loom me those ballerina style slippers immédiament forthwith 😉

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