thought for the day

What would really happen if we all stopped pretending we were fine?  If we took off the smiley coping busy masks, and told the truth.  Would the world stop turning?  Or the walls come crashing down at our feet?  Maybe casual acquaintances would recognise a kindred spirit, a soul friend?  Or would everything carry on much the same as before while people looked the other way, embarrassed, and pretended they hadn’t heard?  Because that’s what I’m afraid of.  That I admit how bad it really is, inside my head, and the listener shrugs, and says, “So what…?”  Or, “Pull yourself together!”  

I shouldn’t care about this.  But I do…





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3 responses to “thought for the day

  1. Sugar

    You’re only human, Nicola and course you care. I think the thing is to tell the truth to the people who won’t shrug. Go easy on yourself x

  2. Stella

    Telling the truth, more often than not, has found me a kindred spirit…

  3. I will admit to the same thoughts and I am careful who I tell the truth to, and how often I tell it. I think as Sugar says, the thing is to know people who won’t shrug and tell them the truth.

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