a long term disappointment to myself

Today’s post could very easily have been different.  I was in a foul mood by lunch time (how can three days back at work be so utterly exhausting?) and my children had eaten All The Cake.  This is not a happy combination, in my world.  To add to my list of woes: the weekend weather forecast, a washing mountain of doom, and a teetering pile of files waiting for me to assess.


But then I stumbled upon this little beauty, which entirely took over my thoughts for the rest of the day.


Before I could stop myself, I’d made this, in 2 shades of Rowan fine tweed:


And then this, using 2 strands of shetland for the centre, and some fluff which I spun up last week while I was away (it’s chain plied, I worked out how to do this all by myself, which I was very excited by…)


and now I’m mulling over possibilities, using the contents of the stash, and possibly a wee bit of shopping at Woolfest next week.  (Did I mention it’s Woolfest next week, how exciting is THAT?)


PS.  Bonus picture of handspun.  According to the label, it’s haunui, which is a New Zealand sheep breed, and the colour is light moorit.  And it’s chainplied, I tell you, chainplied…



PPS.  As you can see, one of the many necessary and important jobs I failed to do this afternnon was hoovering my carpet…










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5 responses to “a long term disappointment to myself

  1. Nell

    Awesome. I love them and chainplied, well done!
    I am increasingly sad that I am not Woolfesting, I shall miss you all even if I do get to go home for presents!

  2. Nicola, hoovering carpets could be described as necessary but NEVER important. You are the second person in my life to post about this pretty thing today, which I take as a sign of having Nice People Around.

  3. Your carpet is cleaner than mine. Love, love, love the circular squares. I will stroke them at woolfest and try not to covet too hard.

  4. Rosie

    I have People to clean carpets… Unfortunately, not to clean my room.

    I love the pretty wool… A LOT.

  5. Liz

    I love those blanket squares – and am impressed at your chain plying 🙂

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