sticks and stones and shopping trolleys

This is my left little toe.  It’s not normally that colour or size, but I had an unfortunate encounter in Waitrose yesterday afternoon with a charming woman who decided to run me down with her trolley when me and my sprained ankle didn’t hobble out of her way fast enough.


My ankle still hurts.  Now my toe hurts too.  (On the bright side, at least it’s the same foot…)   But it’s her words that smart most, “Get out of my fucking way, you fat cow.”  I’m 38; it’s probably time I got over my sensitivity to the f-word.


I think this may be a midweek dip brought to you by lack of sleep, pain and too much paperwork.




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14 responses to “sticks and stones and shopping trolleys

  1. katherinea

    I hope you retaliated by starting a punch up. Even though she started it.

  2. Kate

    What an evil woman!!!

  3. I’d be fumming and want to slap her with a smelly fish.

  4. Viv

    I think that qualifies as assault and is a serious offence. I think she ought to have been taken aside by Waitrose staff and banned at the very least.
    I’d have called the police at that point.

  5. Vikki

    What an evil, evil bitch!!!
    I’m sending hugs, arnica, chocolate and icepacks to you, and willing all possible bad things to happen to the miserable excuse for a human being who hurt you!

  6. How incredibly rude. The correct response to accidentally hitting someone with a trolley is mortification and grovelling. I assume it wasn’t an accident. Hugs and an ice pack.

  7. Gem

    What a truly horrid woman!!

  8. dawn

    Even if she was having a bad day there was no need to take it out on you

    And btw you are not fat – at all, whatever your head may tell you.

  9. Jane

    How utterly rude of her. I know I’ve expressed exasperation at pedestrians leaping in front of my bike without checking for my existence on the road, but I’ve never dropped an f-bomb or called anyone fat…. *sends ice* *sends comfy birkies*

  10. Sheesh, what _are_ people like??? I would have been spitting feathers had it happened to me. Accidents happen, but the only acceptable response, when they do, is an apology! **Spits feathers vigorously on Nicola’s behalf!**

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