a spotters’ guide to love

Stage 1: Love at first sight

Discover spotty blanket pattern lurking in the depths of the internets. Show it to all your friends, secretly hoping for encouragement and validation. (Your friends do you proud on this one.)

Stage 2: Infatuation

Spend all spare time for the next ten days knitting spotted squares, and dreaming of spotted projects.

Stage 3: Flirtation

Indulge in a brief fling with stripes.

Stage 4: Commitment

Buy a small heap of cream wool at Woolfest, muttering the words “spotty blanket” and “need” …



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7 responses to “a spotters’ guide to love

  1. Liz

    But what are the stripes doing with the spotty knitting?
    I have four squares. I think they might make good coasters if I never get enough for a blanket.

  2. I am, heretically, more in love with the stripes, though the spots are glorious too. Have you started the blanket?


  4. dawn

    re no 1 – you’ve got us very well trained!
    and that does indeed look fantabulous

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