tiny happy

Small things that are making me happy today, in no particular order:

Woolly rainbows (so much potential!); soap which smells of boggy moorland (if I had a signature scent, this would be the one); a jug with oystercatchers on it (I finally got that souvenir of Tiree), properly ripe and fragrant English strawberries.

Also, my mangled toe went CLUNK in the swimming pool today, This was quite sickeningly excruciatingly painful, and I nearly forgot how to breathe let alone swim, but once that stopped it was much better, and I can actually walk properly on that foot again, instead of heel first. This is sort of interesting-in-the-bad-way, to speculate how I’d mislocated that toe for the whole of last week. I have celebrated by painting all my toes Hebridean sea green.

In other news: I nearly agreed to buying half a croft near Gairloch in the playground this afternoon. I still think this could be a plan.



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3 responses to “tiny happy

  1. katherinea

    Ow! Can a toe be dislocated and you not know then? I guess it would explain the pain – although bruising and battery also work for that.

  2. dawn

    so glad the toe has put itself right – I still feel sick when I remember my little one flicking back into place when I touched it, and yours must have been infinitely worse.

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