guiding light

It’s about disco dancing in your waterproofs

And knowing what happens to frogs in a blender

Learning what a teatowel is for

(improvising a wicked witch costume, obviously)

Conquering your fears, and having a go

Doing the penguin dance in your wellies

Eating sausages and chocolate cake for breakfast

Learning the skills to look after yourselves

And gaining the confidence to go off and camp for the weekend on your own.

That Big Girl of Mine has come home muddier, happier, and more confident than ever from a weekend of treeclimbing, singing and larking around.  I think she may have grown yet another inch taller. She hasn’t stopped talking about it yet.  It blows me away that children can grow up like this, in the space of a few short years.

Guiding works.  It gives young women skills, confidence and opportunities.   It allows them a freedom which is increasingly rare.  You can see them grow up and blossom as they take responsibility for their own lives.  There’s so much I wouldn’t change.  Now let’s just sort out that bloody promise, so we can all keep on enjoying ourselves…



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  1. Oh, it’s about all of these things. And it’s wonderful. And I think I’ve just introduced my friend @smudgepuss (on twitter) to your blog by G+ ing this entry 😉

    Yes, this promise…..

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