Remember that banner?  Our banner, the one we funded through the sale of felt baubles and psycho robins…

It started off in January as a brainstorming session on a whiteboard, and it’s been a work in progress throughout 2012.   Here it is on my bed (lots of things get photographed on my bed, because it’s the only large flat white space in my untidy house…)

There are our felted hills…

the rainbows…

the teeny weeny felt peoples…

the embroidered words…

all those hours spent playing around, making and doing…

the rogues’ gallery (That Boy is the demonic looking one in the middle)…

And here it is, hanging in the school hall today.  It makes me smile.  A year’s worth of memories stitched together, for a class who’re moving on.

This was the commission I didn’t think I could deliver. It grew from a germ of an idea, a photograph pasted on a Facebook conversation. I blithely said, “Yes, I’ll have a go!” and then started to wonder how on earth I was going to manage that (this happens to me a lot, you’d think I’d learn…) It got put aside for weeks at a time until I could work out how to do the next stage, but somehow it all got finished and fitted together before the end of a very hectic term.

I’m only slightly worried that I’ve already been asked about next year…



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4 responses to “hanging

  1. It is absolutly amazing, and an awesome memorial for those who are moving up.

  2. Tricia

    Well I didn’t know you then so I don’t remember it but I admire it greatly – it’s absolutely beautiful and I can imagine the love and care that’s gone into it. I’ve often thought of doing something similar and now I can ask you how!

  3. That is amazing.

    And somehow, I always forget that (a) your children go there and (b) I once went there too…

  4. dawn

    It is utterly amazing – and I look forward to hearing about what you’ll be doing for next year!

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