wax on, wax off (or do the mashed potato…)

What follows is probably best considered as a cautionary tale…

It was mostly Big Daughter’s fault. She’d been showing me some of her art teacher’s work, which included batiks. We liked them. We thought it looked fun. We wanted to play too… but we didn’t want to wait. Or read instructions. That sounded boring. We just wanted to play Right Now. So we got creative in the kitchen…

Domestic science. Candles= wax, yes? Food colouring will dye? Um, not so much, but never mind…

Tools of the trade. Well. We apparently needed something called tjantings. We don’t have tjantings. We improvised.

We melted down the tealights in a bain marie, and then we were away. I was proud of my potato masher print.

Into the jam pan it goes…

Big Girl gets creative.

I got excited and carved myself a potato leaf. I can’t say this was a success, but never mind…

Scraping the wax off the dried fabric.

Batik dripping on the line (why yes, my neighbours are used to me taking photographs of crafts in strange places!)

Time to use the potato masher for dinner. I take no responsibility for how this plate of food has been styled.

And here are the finished results. Disappointingly washed out. I need a cold water fast dye. This is my inspired stale baguette batik print.

The mashed potato batik. My finest work, I do believe.

Leylandii batik, and my green hands.

Big Girl’s far more successful attempt, featuring Olympic gymnasts.


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One response to “wax on, wax off (or do the mashed potato…)

  1. Katherinea

    I am disgusted by that picture. Just one sausage?
    Told you that you should have bought a Woad plant.

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