strix and string

This was a quick and dirty knit:

I cast it on at some point on Sunday,

whizzed around and around the body,

had a temporary setback with ill-fitting sleeves the day before yesterday,

cabled my way through 18 owls whilst sitting through 3 haircuts this morning,

and cast off (a bare couple of inches of yarn in hand!) this afternoon.



Filed under crafting, insanity of the offspring

7 responses to “strix and string

  1. Nell

    Love it! And looks great on it’s recipient.

  2. It looks fantastic, really suits her, and her hair is marvellous!

  3. dawn

    Both hair and jumper are fabulous!

  4. Jane

    I love it and I want to make one of my own now! She looks so happy!

  5. Katherinea

    Yeah, real quick and dirty knitting!

  6. Catriona

    What a beautiful model for your beautiful knitting!

  7. That was quick work indeed! Amazing hair!

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