shades of blue

The sun is out, the sky is blue…

…and my head has gone to pieces.

I’ve dreamed all year of these weeks of freedom. Freedom from the oppressing timetable. But freedom to do what? I’m desperate to escape. Again.

Being miserable in November, or February (or even a very wet June) is somehow acceptable; this is just a waste.

Add guilt to the long list of emotions.



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8 responses to “shades of blue

  1. I know just how you feel, I think. It’s hard when it’s been so full on all year, and then everything just stops, and you’re painfully aware of not wanting to waste the opportunity of doing all the things you’ve been looking forward to, but the combination of choice, knowing how badly you need to rest and feeling obligated to do all those jobs you never get round to is pressurising in itself. My advice: Relax. Do whatever you feel like in each moment. Learn to be yourself again. (Am I on the right lines here?) I shall try to do the same.

  2. Katherinea

    You are welcome to escape down here and stay Saturday night. We are drinking cocktails in the (alleged) sun for my birthday. Can’t imagine train fare’ll be nice at this notice though…

    • Thank you, I was terribly tempted by this, and not to frightened by the rail fare, but am apparently the Adult In Charge this weekend. Boo. I shall drink gin alone in honour of your festivities.

  3. Katherinea

    I, BTW, am terrible for planning all the things and then not bothering to do them when the free time comes.

  4. Rest. Relax. Do nothing. Your body needs it. Your head needs it. Give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the week. You will enjoy the rest of the holidays much more if you can allow yourself to rest. As, incidentally, will the children if you are rested and relaxed.

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