the time of my life

Whenever I’m with her, I feel like a better person. Not someone else, still me, but the me I always dreamed of being- a kinder, stronger, whole person. I’m starting to believe I really can be that woman.

With her by my side, I can climb mountains, and conquer demons. I can laugh and cry, feel the pain, but live through it. After all these years, I’m finally singing like nobody’s listening.

I never felt like this before…



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9 responses to “the time of my life

  1. This makes me smile from ear to ear. 🙂

  2. jo

    You were always a strong, kind, mountain climber. Just hard to seee it from the inside sometimes.

    That said, I think I do know what you mean. I fell back into my woman’s arms this afternoon, just for the joy of knowing, Knowing she would – and could – catch me. (Nothing like a good strong butch 😉

    So to you dear friend. You’re strong as an ox. But to see you falling and trusting you’ll be caught? I’m thrilled.

    • You just made me cry. Not many people can do that. When are you coming home?

      • jo

        Not for a bit, i’m affraid. Our spare bed is fabulously comfy though and you and I could sit up into the small hours, sipping aviator gin and putting the world to rights.
        Nicola, you’d be so welcome.

        • That sounds just perfect, especially if we throw in your ocean. I just have to figure out how to make that possible with a termtime job, and three children. Oh, and I spent too much money this summer… I have a very dull Autumn ahead of me while I do a little saving up!

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