stop all the clocks

Some of you may possibly remember the great facebook Which Cardigan Shall I Knit In My Summer Holidays debate?

In a moment of insanity*, I cast on for Dahlia. Yes, that cardigan with the charming and compelling back, but inexplicably bizarre frontage.  I actually have no words to describe how much I hate the finished object.  I include the sequence of photographs below, charmingly shot by my daughter, to explain.  I think my facial expressions say it all.  (You should all know how much I loathe both the process and results** of having my photograph taken, and practically never appear on the wrong side of the lens, but in the public interest I think I should show How Knitting Can Go Horribly Wrong.  Particularly when you ignore that nagging voice which warns you it’s not going well…)


I don’t think it even deserves a post mortem.  I have not yet quite decided what to do with it.  I still love the back, but am not willing to proceed through life in reverse for the sake of my knitwear, and fear that the extensive reconstructive surgery needed to salvage the back whilst reshaping the fronts would probably fail.


*Well, no, now I think about it, it was not insanity at all, it was grief, pure and simple. I’d spent the day at a friend’s funeral; I don’t do sad very well, and I NEEDED distraction like you wouldn’t believe… from that point of view, it was an entirely successful project.

**Though I must say I like my hair colour.  It’s different from the back, who knew..?



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12 responses to “stop all the clocks

  1. I do love the back – can’t you rescue just the dahlia bit and do *something* with it? But the front is just wrong as suspected. And lovely hair!

  2. katherinea

    I like your hair like that.
    This is the cardigan pim called ‘accursed’ isn’t it?

  3. Lovely hair. Back is lovely but I do not think the front is flattering to you or indeed anyone.

  4. Gosh, the back is glorious. Turn it into a cushioncover? Or a great big appliqued motif to a sensibly-shaped cardigan?

  5. carolynphillipsuk

    The back is indeed beautiful.

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