love lilt

I’ve been eyeing up this cardigan for the last few weeks. I really really want it, and only my aversion to clothes-by-post and the fact that I have squandered all my money on holidays is stopping me.

Clearly, there is only one solution- to knit my own, using some of the large amount of yarn which insulates my house. After a bit more trawling of the interwebs, I found this pattern, which I reckon is almost the same thing if I just make it longer, add a scoop neck, don’t do the weird spotty thing, and make up my own fairisle design for the yoke. (So that’ll be fine, yes? Absolutely no potential for that to go wrong…)

And then I thought about those swatches in the museum on Uist, and I thought maybe I had my fairisle already..

My version of the colours of Eriskay:

Swatches coming soon. I console myself with the thought that it cannot turn out worse than the accursed dahlia…



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2 responses to “love lilt

  1. I love seasalt clothes but have only ever bought a couple of things and only from a shop. I do have an aversion to buying things i think i could make myself though!

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