I reckon I’m a pretty good knitter (this is no time for false modesty- after all, I have steeked fearlessly), and I’m trying hard to learn to be a better photographer. But I find taking really good photographs of knitting to be the hardest thing ever.

I waste a lot of time browsing Ravelry and the rest of the internets looking at patterns, and without any doubt really good photographs will sell a pattern to me. Bonus points if the knitwear is shown free range in a desirable location (who wants to knit themselves a cardigan modelled by a beautiful woman behaving frivolously on a Scottish beach? mememe! now!)

Bearing this in mind, when I finished knitting a scarf whilst on holiday (the last couple of segments were completed on the beach, and ends darned in with the handy darning needle I keep about my person at all times…) I immediately instructed my nearest and dearest to take the scarf and go and behave aesthetically, yet with carefully contrived spontaneity, so I could take pictures.

I can’t say it was a success. I show the pictures here as yet another example of something rather beautiful I’ve knitted, which I’m not sure I actually like. I fell violently in love with this pattern when I saw it a few weeks back (despite the lack of beach frivolity in the picture, but there you go, there are exceptions to every rule…) I held out for… ooh, I should think the best part of an hour, before I’d bought the pattern and cast on.

I love the way the colours behave, but having seen the scarf modelled, I’m not sure I like how it curls around. It’s perilously close to frilly to my mind, and I don’t do frilly. It’s really not me.  I dunno, am I just too fussy? Should I be banned from late night pattern surfing?



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7 responses to “unravelling

  1. jo

    Ok, see I do do frilly.
    And I Seriously need that scarf!!
    Name me a price.

    • See, I would gladly send you any item of knitwear you wish without any charge, but as you asked, I’ll say £20 to cover yarn and postage, and a little but towards the running-away-to-NY fund.

  2. jo

    I’ll even behave frivolously in it, on an atlantic beach, if absolutely necessary!

  3. I think the level of frilliness is restrained and reasonable, and the stripiness is super. Also, I LOVE the third photo down.

  4. The scarf is beautiful especially in it’s stripeyness though I think the way it curls would irritate me in person and I agree third photo down is fabulous.

  5. jo

    Fly me an email re how to pay you:)

    Wooo it’ll be just in time for the cold weather And it gets you one step closer to my home for a visit!!

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