shades of meaning

Oh dear, my credit card slipped, and I bought myself a little present and it’s not even breakfast time yet.

I’ve been coveting a Jamieson of Shetland shade card for months, and was gutted when there were none to be had in January.  But today I noticed they were back in stock (query: who makes these shadecards?  specially trained and extremely dextrous puffins? that could explain the seasonal availability…) and had bought one before the caffeine even hit my bloodstream.  Who says I’m not a morning person…?


I plan to justify the expense by using it as interior decor, holding conversations with my best-loved shades whenever my family let me down, and forcing all visitors to admire it.  You have been warned…



Filed under a little bit mad, crafting

5 responses to “shades of meaning

  1. carolynphillipsuk

    I’d visit just to see it – perfect interior decor for you.

  2. Jane

    It’s beautiful, I love it. I hope you have many happy years together.

  3. dawn

    You do realise that quite a few visitors may ignore you and just talk to it

  4. I don’t get it…am I going to be shunned now?

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